Tooele District students did an amazing job at FFA State Competition.

Tooele High Winners

  • Vet Assisting- 1st Place & National Qualifiers: Bailey Dyson​ (4th high individual), Raini Houston, Tyler Hammond, Precious Kinnick
  • Livestock- 7th place: Jessica Gowans (4th high individual), Gavin Coates, Kassadie Russell, Crystal Ruby
  • Agriculture Mechanics- 7th place: Michael Shaffer, Taylor gillespie, Cameron Russell, Marshall Clegg
  • Dairy Cattle- 9th place: Taylor gordon, Rebekah Bake, Billi Phillips, Justice Person
  • Horse- 14th place: Ty Allred (6th high individual), Cody ruby, Makenzie Scott, Jaycee Hansen
  • Poultry- 19th place
  • Floriculture- 20th place
  • Meats- 22nd place
  • Dairy Foods- 24th place
vet tech 2014 winning team.JPG

Stansbury High Winners​

  • Poultry- Silver: Jared Lorensen, Connor Black, Courtney Boekweg, Kelsey Walters
  • Ag Mechanics- Silver: Jared Lorensen, Trent Erichsen, Waylon Williams, Nate Harris
  • Horse Team- Bronze: Boston Bentley, Madison Peterson, Courtney Boekweg, Nash Brown
  • Livestock- Silver: Courtney Boekweg, Jared Lorensen, Connor Black, Nash Brown
  • Dairy Foods- Bronze- Waylon Williams, Madison Peterson, Nate Harris, Nash Brown
  • Dairy Cattle- Bronze: Paul Richards, Paige Houghtby, Connor Black, Kelsey Walters
  • Floriculture- Silver: Madison Peterson, Kelsey Walters, Waylon Williams, Paige Houghtby  
Grantsville High Winners



Congratulations to our FCCLA state competition winners

fccla 2014_shs.JPG

Tooele High School
  • Tiffany Orr- Job Interview Occupational- 1st place
  • Morgan Mott- Nutrition and Wellness- silver
  • Emily smith- Chapter in Review- bronze
Wendover High
  • Alicia Munoz & Daisy Diaz- Chapter Service- Silver
  • Alfredo Luna, Ahtziri Miramontes & Lizet Romero- Chapter Service- Silver
  • Natalie Aboite & Laura Ruiz- Chapter Service- Bronze
  • Luz Hernandez, Salvador Cansino & Ana Gonzales- Chapter Service- Bronze
Community Learning Center
  • **
Grantsville High
  • Ally Turner- Food Innovations Senior- 3rd place
  • Kayla Orton- State Officer 2014-2015


Stansbury High
  • Bryn Anderson- Chapter In Review (D)  Senior Display- 1st place--going to Nationals in July
  • Aliyah Deherrera- Chapter In Review (D)  Senior Display- 1st place-- going to Nationals in July
  • Camille Richards- Early Childhood Education- Bronze
  • Jessica McGroarty- Early Childhood Education- Bronze

 HOSA State Competition Results-  Great Job Students!

  • Bailey Anderson- 7th place- Knowledge Test Pharamacology  - Stansbury High
  • Madison Clayton- 8th place- Knowledge Test Pharamacology  - Stansbury High
  • Charles Martine- 4th place- Interviewing Skills- Tooele High
  • Jesse Steadman- 3rd place- Sports Medicine- Tooele High
  • Sadie Bird & Brooke Pulkrabek- 3rd place- CERT- Grantsville High
  • Sariah Gridley- State Officer 2014-2015- CLC (Stansbury)
  • Melissa Hyde (SHS) Cassity Scott (THS) Shayla Llanos (THS)- 2nd place- Public Health- CLC
  • Alex Terry (GHS)- 5th place- Dental Terminology- CLC
  • Melissa Hyde (GHS)- 10th place- Dental Terminology- CLC
  • Devin Adams (GHS)- 2nd place- Job Seeking Skills- CLC
  • Bailey Critchlow (GHS) & Kennedy Kelley (GHS) - 9th place- Forensic- CLC
  • Devin Adams (GHS)- 6th place-Healthy Lifestyles- CLC
  • Alex Terry (GHS)- 8th place- Dental Science- CLC
  • Anna McQueen (THS)- 9th place- Biotech- CLC
HOSA Students attending Nationals
  • Melissa Hyde (SHS) Cassity Scott (THS) Shayla Llanos (THS)- Public Health- CLC
  • Alex Terry (GHS)- Dental Science- CLC
  • Devin Adams (GHS)- Healthy Lifestyles- CLC


Congratulations to Tooele High's FBLA state winners 2014

  • Jacob Kenison – Business Calculations – 3rd place
  • Jacob Kenison & Nicholas Gamble - Digital Video Production – 4th place
  • Colton Fowler & Jacob VanDerwerken - Sports & Entertainment Management – 4th place
  • Aumanae Hitesman, Lauren Wyatt, Jacob VanDerwerken, Alailee Peacock – Parliamentary Procedure – 4th place
  • Eva Olcott – FBLA Principles & Procedures – 4th place
  • Jacob Kenison – Spreadsheet Applications – 5th place
  • Alexandra Palmer – Intro to Business Communications – 6th place
  • Jacob Kenison – Computer Applications – 8th place
  • Colette Jones & Eva Olcott – Desktop Publishing – 9th place
  • Colton Fowler – Health Care Administration – 10th place




Skills USA- State Competition Results
Tooele High
  • Trace Barney-  Criminal Justice- 3rd place
  • Jesse Chadwick- Technical Drafting- 4th place
  • Halen Scott- Architectural Drafting- 4th place
  • Laura Gregson, Jayden Edwards, Elisa Erekson, Michael Whitney & Josh Bryan- Quiz Bowl- 4th place
  • Andrew Merkley- Job Skill Demo Open- 7th place
  • Mason Moody- Cabinetmaking- 8th place
  • Dalton Dewsnup- Automotive Service- 10th place
  • MacKenzie Scott, Talon Crow & Tristian Carson- Welding Fabrication- 12th place
  • Shawni Williams- Job Interview- 13th place
  • Ashton Hubbard Welding- 16th place
  • Trent Chevez- Photography
  • Quincy Nicol & Jack McEachern- Delegates

Community Learning Center

  • Emily Clifford (SHS)- Esthetics/ Skin Care & Makeup Application- 3rd place
  • Lyndee Jorgensen (THS)- Nail  Care/ Enhancement & Nail Art- 2nd place

Stansbury High

  • **

Grantsville High

  • **
FBLA—Future Business Leaders of America
FBLA provides students with opportunities for leadership,community involvement, business partnerships, and competition with other students in events ranging from Public Speaking to Job Interview to Parliamentary Procedures.
State Advisor: Duke DiStefano
Websites - Utah FBLA | National FBLA
National Leadership Conference: June 29 - July 2, 2012
 FCCLA—Family, Career and Community Leaders of America
FCCLA provides students with opportunities to attain knowledge, skills, and leadership characteristics necessary to succeed in life, as well as promoting personal growth and leadership development.
State Advisor: Nikki Sue Larkin
National Leadership Conference: July 9-15, 2012
FFA—An Association of Agricultural Education Students
FFA is dedicated to making a positive difference in the lives of young people by developing their potential for premier leadership, personal growth, and career success through agricultural education.
State Advisor: Brett Evans
Websites - Utah FFA | National FFA
National Leadership Conference: October 19-22, 2012

HOSA—Health Occupations Students of America

HOSA provides students with opportunities to attain the knowledge, skills and leadership characteristics necessary to succeed in a health care profession, through leadership training, career training, and service projects.
State Advisor: Denise Abbott
National Leadership Conference: June 18-24, 2012


 SkillsUSA—An Association of Skilled & Technical Sciences Education Students
SkillsUSA provides quality education experiences for students in leadership, teamwork, citizenship, and character development. The organization builds and reinforces self-confidence, work attitudes,
and communication skills. It emphasizes total quality at work, high ethical standards, superior work skills, lifelong education, and pride in the dignity of work.
State Advisor: Richard Wittwer
National Leadership Conference: June 23-27, 2012
TSA—Technology Student Association
TSA is the only student organization dedicated exclusively to students enrolled in technology education classes in grades K-12. Students participate in chapter fund-raising activities and community service projects. Leadership training is offered to student officers at the local, state, or national levels.
State Advisor: Mike Smoot
Websites - Utah TSA | National TSA
National Leadership Conference: June 21-25, 2012