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Symphony Field Trip - March 31 

Colony Project Day - April 1


​Spring Break - April 2 - April 6


Monday - April 20 10:45 - 12:15 L.A. part 1

Tuesday - April 21 10:45 - 12:15 L.A. part 2

Monday - April 27 10:45 - 12:15 Science 1

Tuesday - April 28 10:45 -12:15 Science 2

Thursday - May 7 10:45 - 12:15 Math 1

Friday - May 8 10:45 - 12:15 Math 2


Donations: If you would like to

donate items, we could use sanitation wipes,

boxes of tissue, pencils, lined paper, and items

for the raffle box (especially items for

the "girls" as I'm not real good at

choosing those).  



Want a FREE Math game that will have your students WANTING to do math on the computer?

Go to Prodigy Game and try it out. Remember to write down your username and password.






READING STREET (class2014)

Pearsonrealize.com  (class2014)

Dibels Next             (ticket for user/password)

Road to Success Reading Minutes (1234)

Spelling City  (class2014)

Forces of Nature

Tornadoes Strike Again

Tornado Cartoon

Chase the Tornado

8 Worst US Tornadoes

Tornado Wiz Kids

Dolphins and Whales

Chumash Link 1

Dolphin Side 1

Dolphin Side 2

 Satchel Paige Timeline

They Might Be Giants- 'Meet the Elements' (BB Video).mp4They Might Be Giants- 'Meet the Elements' (BB Video).mp4

Ellis Island Tour

Online Multiplication Quiz

Multiplication Worksheets

Yong's Quest

China Interactive Map

5th Grade Math Games

Science Jams

Math Jams

Physics Cartoons to Try

Jane Goodall

Meet the Chimps

Jane Goodall Quiz

Chimpanzee Sounds

Paul Revere Museum

Patriot Spy

Liberty's Kids 1

Liberty's Kids 2

Tomato Experiment


Simple Machines

Thomas Edison Factory

Dinosaur Activity Worksheet

3D Dinosaurs

Watch the videos and then do the Fossils

Top 12 Dinos

Build a Dino

Bizarre Dinosaurs

What killed the dinos?

Dinosaur Cover "About" doesn't work!

8 Dinosaurs

Dino Dig

Dino Database


Volcano Explorer

Volcano Science

Volcano Scientist

Multimedia Resources Volcanoes

Special Effects

NGA for Kids

Special Olympics

Cerebral Palsy

Cool 5th Grade Science

Cool 5th Grade Math

Cool Art and Music

Logic and Strategy Games

Stardate Astro Guide 

5th Grade History activities 

Animal Adaptation Games

NOAA for Kids

Titanic Interactive History

Titanic Facts (thanks Nate)

NASA Kids Club

Solar System

Space for 5th Grade

The Space Place

How Big is Space? (Go slow!)

Visit the Planets

13 Colonies (click on the title under the picture)

Colonial House Interactive

Jamestown Rediscovery
Jamestown Game

John Smith 6 Games

Jamestown or Werowocomoco

Colony Charters, Grants, and Constitutions

Colony History Information

Ghost Town Link 1

Ghost Town Link 2

Ghost Town Link 3

Ghost Town Link 4

Shark Populations

Shoreline Animals

Ocean Games and Info

More Ocean Games

Sea Life Creature (scroll down)​

Creatures of the Deep Sea​

Sounds of the Sea (thanks Conner)​



Hannah Lynn Art



Eilonwy Kimball

Amanda McManaman

Knightingail Comic Books


Jennifer Seeley Art

Rita Moore at CCP Comics

Brad Ashworth

Eden Sanders

Derek Fridolfs

Chris Sisneros

Matt & Shawn

Brandon Dayton

Gary Brantner

James Powell

Joy Liberatore