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 Results for the 5th/6th Grade One Vote:

Hillary Clinton - 15

Donald Trump - 21

Gary Johnson - 8


The Most Important Issues:

Broken Government - 0

Civil Rights & Social Issues - 6

Climate Change - 1

Gun Control -6

Education & College - 2

Foreign Policy - 4

Immigration - 1

Income Inequality - 1

Jobs & Trade - 2

Terrorism - 4



intro letter 2015.docxintro letter 2015.docx 





Our Classroom Pledge

I pledge to:

* Keep my desk and classroom clean;

* Be respectful of everyone at school;

* To do my work and try my hardest;

* Follow directions;

* and Keep my hands, feet, and

   unkind words to myself. 


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Channel One News


READING STREET  & Pearson Math  



Spelling City



Road to Success Reading Minutes 



Dibels Next    

(ticket for user/password)

Endangered Animals

Multiplication Quiz

DNA Animations (thanks Bella)

Computer Coding

13 Colonies

Jamestown Rediscovery

Ordered Pairs

Dog Breeding (thanks Anthony!)

Switch Zoo

Animal Adaptation Games

Mission Adaptation

Traits Mystery Creature

Animals meet their Needs

Utah Compose

Ghost Town Link 1

Ghost Town Link 2

Ghost Town Link 3

Ghost Town Game

Magnet pick-up (thanks Anna!)

Magnetic Rush (thanks Keimon!)

Magnet Power (thanks Cicely!)

Magnet Drop (thanks Corbyn)

Popping Magnets (thanks Anthony!)

Science Links

Space Guide (thanks Bella!)

NASA.gov (thanks Gracie!)

NASA Space Place

NEW Win the White House (OK to download)

Coding Websites

Titanic Facts

Hero Machine (use Chrome)

Switch Zoo

Adaptations and Food Chain

Animal Adaptation Games

Mission Adaptation

Hotel Maker

Blues Mini Games

Play the Blues

Dino Dig

Construct a Dinosaur

Dinosaur Extinction



Simple Machines

Thomas Edison Factory

Virtual Garden Lab

Viking Short Video

Viking Facts and Cartoon

Viking Quest

Joseph's Homestyler Club

China Interactive Map

Yong's Quest

Chinese Culture

Meet the Chimps

Science Games

Social Studies Games

Technology Games


Art & Music

50 States website

State Symbols for Coloring

Cool State Info

Blue Dolphins 1

Blue Dolphins 2 link 1

Blue Dolphin 2 link 2


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