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EMERGENCY - We need empty paper

 towel rolls to make our totem poles. We've

 only had 4 donated so far!


Email Mr. Kelly <-- here


Upcoming Events:

May 9 - SAGE TESTING 12:15

May 12 - SAGE TESTING 12:15

May 15 - SAGE TESTING 12:15

May 16 - West Talent Show 2:30

May 19 - 3rd Grade Field Trip to Ophir

May 21 - Night of 1,000 Stars 6:00

May 26 - Memorial Day - No School

May 27 - PTA Field Day

May 28 - Student of the Month Assembly

May 28 - Knighting Ceremony and Family

Picnic 10:30

May 29 - Awards Assembly 9:15

May 30 - Last Day Early Release



intro letter 2013.docxIntro Letter to 3rd Grade 2013.docx


Parents, if you want to donate items to our

class, here are some ideas:

  • PENCILS!!!
  • prizes for the point store
  • tissue
  • sanitation wipes



Poster 8.JPGPoster 8.JPG

Poster 9a.JPGPoster 9a.JPG

Poster 9b.JPGPoster 9b.JPG

Poster 10.JPGPoster 10.JPG

Poster 11a.JPGPoster 11a.JPG

Poster 11b.JPGPoster 11b.JPG

Poster 13a.JPGPoster 13a.JPG

Poster 13b.JPGPoster 13b.JPG

Poster 14.JPGPoster 14.JPG

Poster 15.JPGPoster 15.JPG

Poster 16.JPGPoster 16.JPG

Poster 17a.JPGPoster 17a.JPG

Poster 17b.JPGPoster 17b.JPG

Poster 18.JPGPoster 18.JPG

Poster 19a.JPGPoster 19a.JPG

Poster 19b.JPGPoster 19b.JPG

Poster 20a.JPGPoster 20a.JPG

Poster 20b.JPGPoster 20b.JPG

 Poster 21.JPGPoster 21.JPG

 Poster 22.JPGPoster 22.JPG




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