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PIRATES and BOSS powerpoint test strategies.pdfPIRATES and BOSS powerpoint test strategies.pdf 


​Science Textbook:http://schools.utah.gov/arc/curr/grade7scienceoer.pdf

There is a PARENT AS PARTNERS IN THE IEP PROCESS. Click on the flyer to get more details:IEP Flyer Tooele 04.21.2015.pdfIEP Flyer Tooele 04.21.2015.pdf
The roadrunner is not the prettiest bird in the world.  He does not soar like the eagles or swoop down on his prey like the hawks.  He does not attract admirers with his beautiful feathers or graceful airs.  He does not sing like the angels or make a lovely sight floating on the lake.  He does not command attention by his looks or demeanor or power.  What is there about the roadrunner?
The little roadrunner is fast.  But that is not what makes him successful.  It may help him get where he wants to go faster.  What he has is direction.  Do you see a roadrunner zigzagging down the road, wondering where to turn next?  No, he’s headed in a straight line, his eye on the prize and single minded in his pursuit.  He has direction.  If there is an obstacle in sight, either the obstacle moves or he goes around it.  Beep!  Beep!  He knows where he wants to go, how to get there, and does not let the obstacles, the anvils, the Wiley Coyotes of the world stop him.   Beep!  Beep!
To Our Students at Tooele Jr. High School:
What is your direction?  Do you know where you are going?  Be like the roadrunner, plan to head in a straight direction, keep your eye on the prize, and do your best!  Be sure not to let any obstacle get in your way.  As we are coming to the end of the school year, don’t let your grades be obstacle.  All 8th grade students preparing to go into high school, you will need a 2.0 G.P.A. with no more than one “F” to participate in high school activities next fall.  Don’t let your grades dictate what you get to do.  7th grade students, it is important for you to get passing grades in all of your classes as well.  Students, you know where you want to go, so be a ROADRUNNER!  KNOW WHERE YOU ARE GOING AND DO EVERYTHING IN YOUR POWER TO GET THERE!
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Volunteers are needed at Tooele Jr. High School.  Please see the needs and come be a volunteer in our school.  I have attached where we need some help with volunteers, so please consider what you could do to be a part of our team.   See Attachment: TJHS Volunteers.pdfTJHS Volunteers.pdf

Tooele Junior High School Song

We are known throughtout the land

that our school will ever stand.

We shall be loyal with all our might

to our colors purple and white.

So when we sing--Sing loud and clear

so people know both far and near,

that we are known throughout the land 

and the road runner is our brand.


Road runner, road runner fastest bird around.

Road runner, road runner never let us down.

Road runner, road runner fight with all you might!

Road runner, road runner fight, fight, fight, fight, fight!





  Next Community Council Meeting is:

** January 6, 2016  CANCELED **

February 3, 2016  at 6:00pm in the library.


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